We measure plant growth in autumn 2023, after a very dry summer

On 27 October 2023 we measured plant growth in the pilot plot for the sixth time. At first glance, the stress of the plants due to the low rainfall of the last months (including the torrid summer) is evident. Atriplex halimus plants have continued to shed wilted leaves and new leaves and shoots remain scarce. Many Dorycnium pentaphyllum plants are full of fruit and look even better than Atriplex plants. Many new Dorycnium plants we have found have been produced from seeds dispersed by individuals planted at the beginning of the project. It was also observed that the numerous pines produced from germinated seeds are still growing, most of them under the protection of the fascines. Many other species such as Zygophyllum fabago that have spontaneously colonised the plot continue to persist. The favourable effect of the applied organic amendment on plant development is still very evident when comparing amended versus unamended plots.