First measure of the plants

First plant measures. The height and cover of the 742 plants was measured in vertical projection. The width of the tree trunks at the base was also measured.

Bird perches construction and installation

Construction and installation of six bird perches. Branches from pine trees around the pilot plot were cut for use as bird perches. The branches were attached to iron sheaves previously driven into the ground.

First soil sampling

We start soil sampling. We collect the first soil samples and insert the bait lamina sticks to evaluate the feeding activity of the edaphic invertebrates in winter.

Labelled the plants

We labelled all 742 plant. We attached a numbered plastic tag to each plant and also noted the number on the plant protector tube.

Seed preparation for sowing

Seeds from the UPCT germplasm bank were prepared for sowing in the pilot plot. Germination tests were carried out in climatic chambers to check the viability of the seeds. The selected seeds were subjected to the corresponding treatments to facilitate their germination (scarification, thermal shock, etc.) after sown.

Planting finish

Planting finished and first irrigation carried out. Once the planting and the tree holes were completed, the workers from Sierra Minera Foundation irrigated each plant with 10 litres of water.

Planting begins!

Planting. Once the plants were bought, they were taken to the pilot plot and the workers from Sierra Minera Foundation started the afforestation with our supervision and collaboration. As the plants were planted, a plant protector tube was put around each one. The planting and placing of protectors took several days. Afterwards, a hole around …

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Staking out the plantation

Staking out the plantation. On 2 December we began to mark out the location of the fascines and the place where the plants will be placed. Workers from Sierra Minera Foundation, the entity contracted by the project, shows us how the construction of the fascines is carried out. In the next few days, they will …

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Amendment addition

Application of the amendments. First, we pile up 4700 kg of compost from municipal solid waste and 850 kg of biochar and mix them with a mechanical shovel. They were then added to soil by hand in the planting furrows, at a rate of 4.4 kg per linear meter, and then ploughed and buried in …

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Let’s go!

Soil preparation begins. It is ploughed up to about 20 cm deep with a swallow plow that opens furrows 1 meter apart but does not turn over. The work of soil preparation and amendment addition was carried out with the collaboration of Engineering of the Natural Environment.